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Captured in Darkness: Road to Freedom
Darkness…Darkness was all that he saw and it was almost excruciating not being able to see his surroundings in such a blinding darkness.  It was frustrating not being able to see…Then on top of all that, there was the silence, the thick and heavy silence that seemed to loom over head like one underneath that of a guillotine who knew their death was quickly upon them, but this time he wasn’t sure if he was already dead or just suffering from the prolonged silence.  How long had he been here?  How long had he been in this pitch black darkness and impenetrable silence?  Would he ever escape it, or would he be left here till he either starved to death or till he was driven to madness?  All these things left him with more and more confusion that he was not satisfied with and caused him even more stress than it already was.  A sigh escaped him and he let out a rumbled growl that seemed to reverberate through the entire room.  The echoed so
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The Beggining Road to Victory
Brooke smiled softly; she was going to miss her elder brother leaving again tomorrow.  She knew he was more than happy with doing what he did best, making music and making others happy.  It was one of the many reasons why she admired him so much, looked up to him like she did.  He’d given her plenty of advice, and even now without him even knowing he was giving her the courage to want to go out and meet others and follow her dreams.  Watching him with his band mates really made a difference for her.  She couldn’t thank him and the rest of his band enough for making her want to get to following her own dreams in writing, music, and other arts.  It was something she had a love for and watching them all have so much fun on stage made her heart swell with pride knowing that those people were the people that were going to really bring about a new era of music within the metal industry.
Shaking her head lightly from the thoughts decided to rampage he
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I am so sorry for vanishing for so long, especially out of the blue.  Shortly after I posted that last story I began working and really just lost track of time.  Since about July of 2015, a lot has been going on.  So much has gone on and I honestly just put DeviantART to the side with out meaning too.  For everyone who may have been worried that I was quitting DA, or something bad happened, everything is okay.  A lot of personal stuff did happen, but its fine now.  I'm hoping I can get back into the swing of things and try and get some stuff posted, but I'm not sure how fast I'll be getting things up.  I still have quite a bit of stuff going on right now, like right now I'm getting ready to start up on a 90 hour classes at my community college and then this summer I'm moving and have been trying to prepare for that as well.  So over these next few months I may be slow with posting some things up, but I will try and post things, even if its just something small, its just I don't really know when I'll get things posted, if I do.  I'm sorry if I worried anyone, I didn't mean too do so.  If you want you can follow me on Tumblr, I reblog stuff a lot on there and sometimes post things every once in a while, though mostly just reblog things lol.  My Tumblr is MedievalValefor if you want to keep up a little with my awkward blog that is super messy and rather weird haha xD.  I reblog about anything and everything that I like or has my attention, so it is a little strange, I apologize.

Again, I am so sorry for pulling that disappearing act and if I worried anyone.  I love you guys and thank you for being so patient with me.  I will try and get on here more often, even if its just to favorite some things lol.


Brookelyn J. Metz
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
My name I Brookelyn Metz, and I'm 21. I've been writing since I was in elementary school and absolutely love it. I'm also really into singing, reading, drawing. I'm a bit of an oddball at times and I consider myself a furry. I love to listen to various types of music, but I'm not very much into rap, and listen to very little to it, but have an open mind for it as I do for most music.

Fanfiction Account: For my fanfiction account I'm willing to write a story or stories for someone if they are willing to tell me what they want it about or if they want a short short or short story series for a person, game, band, ect. I'm willing in general to take up requests for stories to help up me in learning to write better. Just let me know and I'll upload it to Fanfiction and maybe onto here as well if wanted.…


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